[papa recipe] Eggplant Clearing Cleansing Oil Pad 180g 60EA

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REMOVE MAKEUP IN 10 SECONDS : Natural Oil infused, these remove the toughest make up with minimal effort, leaving no residue behind. Works well on even stubborn waterproof mascara or heavy stage make up.

SENSITIVE SKIN : Made for all skin types, the gentlest pads made with 100% cotton. Remove make up without harsh rubbing, hurting delicate skin around the eyes or the mouth.

NO IRRITATION : Gentle hypoallergenic remover made with all natural ingredients to prevent burning sensations, stinging, itching, swelling, and redness.

HYDRATING : Prevent skin tightness and damage by keeping your skin hydrated. Effortlessly cleanse and purify, removing dirt while soothing pores, leaving skin soft and beautiful.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS : Contains extract from Centella Asiatica, Salvia Hispanica Seed, Houttuynia Cordata and Birch Sap to naturally hydrate and protect skin

After wipe-cleansing wide areas like forehead and cheeks, gently press-wipe point makeups. Finish off with washing the face with water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Really moisturising, not sticky, no strong smell, very gentle