[PEACH C] Peach Cotton Blusher 5g (6 Colors)

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Daily cheek blush with lovely color
Fine powder particles apply evenly without clumping to cover pores and irregularities of the skin, and capture oiliness caused by sweat and sebum, creating a smooth and soft peach skin texture as if it had been blurred.

#01 Apricoat P Cheek : Yellow tangerine color
#02 Coral P Cheek : A calm and lively peach coral color suitable for everyone
#03 Shy P Cheek : Saturated and fresh daily pink color
#04 Rose P Cheek : Toned down dried rose color with brown added to give a mature feel
#05 Peony P Cheek : Soft peach color that can be used in various ways such as main color and base color regardless of skin tone
#06 Lavender P Cheek : Lovely mauve color that can be created more brightly with a little bit of pink

Using a brush, apply an appropriate amount to the cheeks to create a bright makeup look.

TIP : Various oils are included to keep the skin moist and prevent dryness, and when rubbed with your hands or used for a long time, an oil film may form on the contents and clumpy. It is recommended to use a brush, and if there is an oil film, you can use it like a new product by gently peeling it off with tape.

Each person may have different effects.
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