[APRILSKIN] Real Calendula Hyaluronic Toner Pad 140g (60 Pads)

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Dual-textured, alcohol-free toner pads that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt to reveal brighter, polished skin without stripping your skin of moisture.

• Calendula Flower : Made up of 79% of Calendula water rich in anti-oxidants, this time-tested healing flower helps shed dullness and calms even the most sensitive skin.
• PHA & LHA : Skin-friendly chemical exfoliants gently digest dead skin cells for daily exfoliation. april skin

1. Use AM and PM after cleansing.
2. With the embossed side, gently swipe across face from center outwards.
3. With the silky side, gently swipe across face one more time for a final polishing touch.
4. Lightly pat remaining product into skin to enhance absorption.

1. Place pads on cheeks and forehead like a mini mask and relax for a few minutes.
2. Store in fridge for a refreshing and cooling experience!

Each person may have different effects.
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