[B_LAB] Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser 120 ml

$12.90 $27.00

Feuchtigkeitsspendender Reinigungsschaum mit Matcha-Extrakt und grünen Teeblättern.
Entfernt effektiv alle Ablagerungen und Unreinheiten der Haut.
Halten Sie die Haut nach der Reinigung mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt und sorgen Sie für ein frisches Finish.

Nehmen Sie eine angemessene Menge und massieren Sie das Gesicht sanft ein.
Mit lauwarmem Wasser abspülen.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Great for sensitive skin.

I don't normally have sensitive skin, but this has come in handy as I've started retinol. On my particularly sweaty days (e.g. hiking) I need a double cleanse and this cleanser isn't enough. On a normal work from home pandemic day, this is great. I've nearly emptied this.

Changed my skin!

Best face wash I have ever tried, and I've tried a lot! Remember to emulsify in your hands for best results. Changed my skin FAST. My face is squeaky clean after use.

Samira L.
My new favorite cleanser

It’s creamy but foams up, so it actually cleans your face. I use this after oil cleansing and my dry skin is super soft.

Gentle but cleans well !

This cleanser is very gentle and cleans your face really well. It does have a little particles in it so you should keep that in mind, but it doesn’t really bother my skin. My skin is acne, prone and combination and it has been perfect for me!

For the dry skin girlies.

I have been looking for a good cleanser since I started my skin care journey 5 yrs ago. I still haven't found my holy grail but this could be it.

I recently started tretinoin and I needed something that gave a good cleanser but also wasn't stripping my skin. I purchased this one bc I like the ingredients and it was very affordable. I usually tend to shy away from anything "foaming" but wanted to give this a chance. This is not a gel, it's more like a cream that gives a rich lather. But it doesn't feel soapy or like lotion it's a really nice in between. It does have this little green like leafs I think? But I get maybe 2 that come out ea use and they just disappear and don't scratch or scrub the skin. Iv been using it day and night and so far so good! I say give a chance as it's super affordable and a generous size!