[Cell Fusion C] Sonnenschutzstift 100 SPF 50+ PA+++++ 19 g

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Kühl beim Auftragen, glatte Oberfläche
Sonnenstift, der sich gut erneut auftragen lässt

1. Sonnenstift zur Beruhigung gereizter Haut: Ein Kühlmechanismus, der Wärme von der Haut abgibt, beruhigt die durch UV-Strahlen erhitzte Haut.

2. Sonnenstift mit 20 % Feuchtigkeit: Er enthält erfrischendes arktisches Eisbergwasser/Birkensaft/Tiefseewasser, um die Feuchtigkeit beim Auftragen wieder aufzufüllen und ein glattes Finish zu erzielen.

3. Sicherer Sonnenstift ohne schädliche Inhaltsstoffe: Es handelt sich um einen Sonnenstift, der aus guten Inhaltsstoffen besteht, sodass er auch von Kindern verwendet werden kann und sanft auf der Haut wirkt.

Aqua Matrix System: Technologie, die die Feuchtigkeit im Stick stabilisiert. Wenn es auf die Haut aufgetragen wird, verteilt es sich, als würde es platzen, sodass Sie das Kühle-Gefühl durch die Verdampfungswärme spüren können, die zusammen mit der Hautwärme verdunstet.

Zum Abschluss der Hautpflege gleichmäßig auf das gesamte Gesicht auftragen. (Es empfiehlt sich, es häufig auf Bereiche aufzutragen, die beim Tragen UV-Schutz benötigen.)

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Good sun protection in Aruba

I just got back from a trip to Aruba, and this sunscreen worked well. I didn't burn, it stayed put, no adverse skin reactions. I like to use thicker formulations for my face because I tend to sweat a lot there when it's hot out, and the balm-based sunscreen doesn't wash away. Easy to use, just swipe it over your face and then rub it in. So far I've only used this on vacation, but I think I will wear it under my makeup this winter, too. We just got a lot of snow at home, and the sun will be reflecting on it during my drive to work for at least a few weeks to a month before it melts, and I like to have a good sunscreen on even while in the car -- gotta avoid those sun spots!

Nice K-Beauty sunscreen

I like to have stick sunscreen for throwing in my bag cause they don't take up much room. This is best to use on larger parts of the body, not so easy for the face. I didn't leave a greasy feeling which I have had with other stick ones.

nice sunscreen stick

this sunscreen stick is so nice. it is easy to carry and is functioning so well.

Colleen W.
a nice sunscreen stick

The stick format of the sunscreen makes it easy to apply and reapply as needed throughout the day, especially in areas that are difficult to reach or apply with traditional lotion-based sunscreens. The stick also allows for precise application, which can be helpful in applying sunscreen to specific areas of the face or body. It is water-resistant, which is suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming and water sports. It is also sweat-resistant. It has a lightweight and non-greasy formula, which is comfortable to wear on the skin without feeling heavy or oily. It is also formulated without parabens, fragrances, and other harsh chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Ms. A.
Good coverage! Lasted longer than expected

Was impressed w/ this product. I have fair and sensitive skin and burn so fast. I recently went on a very long walk that started out around 7am and ended around 3pm. The weather was great and the sun was out!
I put this all over my face and neck at the start - I like the stick aspect but did have to rub it in around my nose, hairline and ears

At the end of the day, I did notice a bit of pink on my nose and around my hairline but wasn't burnt to a crisp. I applied once and it lasted. I even brought a hat and didn't put it on.

This sunscreen is very lightweight - goes on very smoothly and didn't feel sticky/tacky. There is no scent or smell which is great. This is a great travel size option too. Wouldn't advise using this for whole body since it would probably be gone in a flash. Price point seems a bit higher than other sticks but this worked for me and I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for something that works and lasts longer than other products.