[Dr.Ceuracle] Pro Balance Night Enzyme Wash 50g

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  • Ein kraftvoller Enzym-Pulverreiniger für die Tiefenreinigung in der Nacht.
  • Leistungsstarke Talgpflege – Protease, abbauende Proteine ​​und Aktivkohlepulver helfen bei der Reinigung von Talg und abgestorbenen Hautzellen für eine glatte, weiche Hautstruktur.
  • Stärkung der Hautbarriere – Angereichert mit 6-Probiotika-Komplex, stärkt die Hautbarriere für einen ausgeglichenen Hautzustand.
  • Die mit dem 6-Probiotika-Komplex angereicherte Pro Balance-Linie bringt Ihre Haut wieder ins Gleichgewicht und sorgt so für einen gesünderen Hautzustand.
  • 5 Probiotika-Komplex: Lactobacillus-Fermentlysat, Lactococcus-Fermentlysat, Bifida-Fermentfiltrat, Bifida-Fermentlysat, Saccharomyces-Fermentfiltrat

1. Geben Sie eine angemessene Menge Pulver auf die Handfläche. Wasser hinzufügen und gut aufschäumen.
2. Massieren Sie sanft Ihr Gesicht und spülen Sie es gründlich mit lauwarmem Wasser ab.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Emily C.
Works Great

Helps with taking off any extra dirt or residue from the face, definitely recommend.

perrin j.
Nice Enzyme wash

Nice wash, somehow the title says Night Enzyme Wash, but you can use it in the morning as well. Nice for oily skin.


This tiny granule form of the face wash is good overall. Forms enough lather and you need to apply just a little. Cleans pretty well. Great refreshing feeling on the skin after application. Also, it is gentle on the skin. I would recommend this product.

- Ph balancing face wash and kudos for that
- It makes enough lather & is hydrating. I feel my skin being moist after the use
- Worked well in oil control as I have oily skin
- It's a gentle face wash and I don't see issues


Unique powder that melts into your palm and works through to your pores. This made-in-Korea cleanser seems to be made with natural ingredients that absorb the oil grime from the pores effectively.

I leave the cleanser on the face for about 2 minutes before I rinse it off and pat it dry. It has a slight exfoliated benefit with mild redness but is not too harsh. It leaves me with a much brighter, cleaner, and less oily face even during the hot summer.


I used a little more than a dime-sized amount of powder on the palm of my hand and worked up a lather with warm water. The charcoal feels refreshing and detoxifying, and it even brightens my face after I've rinsed off the residue. The dissolved powder produces a really rich, foamy lather, and it rinses off cleanly without feeling slippery. Before putting on any toner or moisturizer, I noticed that my skin didn't pull or feel dry. I also felt like the wash gave a brightening effect and left my pores clean. I'm in love with this cleanser! Also, considering how expensive a good powder face wash can get, the price of this brand seems reasonable. This cleanser has now become a part of my nighttime skincare routine.