[Jumiso] Waterfull Hyaluronic Cream 50 ml

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Diese feuchtigkeitsspendende Gelcreme eignet sich hervorragend für den Sommer und spendet reichlich Feuchtigkeit aus Hyaluronsäure in drei verschiedenen Größen, die in die verschiedenen Hautschichten eindringt. Außerdem angereichert mit fermentierten Inhaltsstoffen für eine ebenmäßige und straffe Haut.

Eine stark feuchtigkeitsspendende Creme, die für dehydrierte, raue Haut mit schwachem Wasser-/Öl-Ungleichgewicht entwickelt wurde.
Die nicht klebende Formel ist mit Hyaluronsäure angereichert, um sofort tiefe Feuchtigkeit zu spenden.
Angereichert mit Pre-Probiotics Complex, um einen gesund aussehenden Teint zu fördern.

  • Perfekt für: Trockene Haut, Wasser-Öl-Ungleichgewicht, raue und schuppige Haut.
  • Die wassertropfenartige Textur zieht sanft in die Haut ein: Die nicht klebrige Textur der Waterfull Hyaluronsäure-Creme, die sich auch hervorragend für fettige Haut eignet, zieht schnell in die Haut ein, ohne die Poren zu verstopfen, und spendet gleichzeitig tiefe Feuchtigkeit.
  • Tägliche Feuchtigkeitscreme für alle Hauttypen, einschließlich fettiger Haut: Diese leichte Creme macht die Haut nicht fettig, da sie auch bei der Talgkontrolle auf der Hautoberfläche hilft.

Nach der Reinigung morgens und abends gleichmäßig auf das Gesicht auftragen.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Light moisturizer but no scent

I was excited to try out more Korean beauty care products as they gained popularity over the years. The packaging lists the ingredients including origin of the producy which says Made in Korea. This is a moisturizer for your face and meant to be used in the morning and evening. This moisturizer is light and best described as the scent of bottle of water. This is perfect for sensitive skin as it does not contain any fragrances or alcohol. It felt light enough so that when it was fully absorbed, it didn't feel like I had a film or residue on my face. It didn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue on my face. This seems like it would be a good moisturizer to use during the warmer months as it felt like my skin can breathe in it. My skin felt soft and smooth after it was fully absorbed. The consistency is somewhat thinner than an emulsion. It smelled neutral to me, like water. I like this enough that I'll add it to my morning and nighttime skin care routine. It pairs really well with their toner in the same product line. Definitely recommended for those with skin on the oily side.

Maricia V.
Good skincare, plain and simple

Dye-free and fragrance-free, this is definitely a choice product for those with sensitive skin and or sensitive noses.

Texture-wise, I wouldn't say that it is lightweight, just because it has a liiiiiiiiiittle bit of residue after you apply it. It's like, if you rub it on more, the more residue is left. After spreading a thin, even layer on your face, you have to stop and let it absorb on its own.

It really is plumping and moisturizing though. A simple and solid skincare choice, for sure.

My go-to moisturizer now

It's very light on the skin and moisturizes my face all throughout the day. I used to use a dry sunscreen only but since it's winter, my skin gets dry as well, so i tried this product and so far my face looks glowing and i haven't had rashes or pimples since i started using it.


Ingredients: seems like will be hydrating for skin
Effectiveness: yet to test it out
Absorption: well packaed


I have dry and sensitive skin. This made my skin well hydrated for at least 6 hours. And it absorbs well onto my skin without having a tacky feeling.