[MEDI-PEEL] Rotes Lacto-Kollagen, klar, 300 ml

$21.50 $55.00

Ein Reinigungsschaum sorgt für eine gründliche Reinigung von Make-up und Unreinheiten und hilft, die Poren nach der Reinigung zu verfeinern.
Enthält den Ferment Lacto Complex, der die Hautbarriere stärkt und die Haut vor äußeren Reizungen schützt.
Enthält Tannin, das hilft, die Poren zu verengen und die Talgsekretion zu kontrollieren.

[Wie benutzt man]
1. Eine moderate Menge einnehmen und aufschäumen.
2. Massieren Sie das Gesicht sanft mit reichhaltigem Schaum ein und spülen Sie es gründlich mit lauwarmem Wasser ab.

*Versand – Alle gekauften Artikel aus unserem Angebot werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Aisha K.

Got this product because it was raved by many people including one of my favorite YouTuber. I was taking back because my pores have never been this clean before. Even though this cleaned my face really well, my face still feels very moisturizing. And did I mention that it’s huge? Such a good product based on the functionality and the cost

I'm happy

It's huge bottle and it's going to last for long time. It does leave the skin feeling tight after use but not super dry. It feels more like a moisturized tightness if that makes any sense. It does seem like it has helped with some of the blackheads on my nose, but I think it's honestly too early to tell. I'm happy with this purchase so far.

very nice

I heard so many of my friends raving about this so I tried it. It's worth it. I use it every other day and I can see the result. Also, it's smell so so so good. This humongous could last really long time.

Soo J.S.
Might settle on this one!

I’ve trying different korean cleanser and this might be it for me to settle for a while. Esp those with combination oily skin and complats with pore size i highly recommend this product. One other perk is that the size of the cleanser is big so it last long and the smell is pleasant similar to apple unlike other derma brand that has artificial drug store smell. I find my skin layer smoother and moist after i use it. It doesnt strip off moisture layer from your face

Clean fresh skin

Saw this on a Korean vlog for personal use. Leaves my skin squeaky clean. Oily skin begone.