[numbuzin] No.4 Pore Zero Peeled Egg Toner Pad 70EA 190ml

$31.50 $55.00

  • Mit hauterfrischender Essenz getränkte Tonerpads helfen, Poren, abgestorbene Hautzellen und Talg in nur einem Schritt zu beseitigen.
  • Mit Anti Sebum P mit Extrakten aus Nachtkerze, Pfeilwurz und Kiefernblatt.
  • Die geprägte Seite entfernt sanft überschüssigen Talg und abgestorbene Hautzellen, während die andere Seite die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt.
  • Enthält 2 % Niacinamid, das hilft, das Erscheinungsbild der Hautpigmentierung zu reduzieren.
  • Ihre Haut wird verjüngt, beruhigt und langanhaltend mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt.

Verwenden Sie es in Ihrer grundlegenden Hautpflegeroutine oder nach Bedarf. Nach der Reinigung oder vor dem Auffrischen des Make-ups über das Gesicht wischen.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Thick, saturated pads, easy to use -- gentle exfoliation, non-drying & non-irritating..

This is a really nice exfoliating toner that works well and is not too harsh on my dry, sensitive skin. I have very dry sensitive skin that tends to become dehydrated and rough very easily. But I do still deal with enlarged pores on and around my nose and chin, at least during the summer. I like the idea of reducing the appearance of pores but I was concerned that an exfoliating toner would just irritate my skin and dry it even further. But, that is not the case with this Pore Zero toner & I really like the feel of a rather thick cotton pad that is saturated with toner + there is a smoother side and a more embossed side that really helps with the exfoliation and makes my skin feel extra clean and refreshed. There is plenty of the toner in the jar so I am not worried that the last dozen or so pads will be too dry to work. I use this once or twice a week, mainly focusing on my problem areas and it doesn't cause any irritation. I swipe it gently over my face and neck with one side and then turn it over and go over just the nose and chin several times with the other side. My skin feels soft and doesn't look or feel as rough. Although I can't really see a lot of difference in the appearance of my pores, the skin does feel smoother in that area and there is less oil. I imagine it will take some time to see a reduction in the size of my pores and balance the production of sebum. The product arrived nicely boxed and properly sealed.

Clayton R.
It works

Definitely notice a change in pore size. Very moisturizing.


Moisturizing. I love this product thank you so much!

Denise P.

This product is fantastic!
Hydrates and allows my skin to stay clear while shrinking pores will buy again

Great pore reducer for sensitive skin

My pores look smaller and no sensitivity at all.