[WELLAGE] Real Hyaluronic Blue Ampulle 100 100 ml

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  • Hohe Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme durch 100 % reine Hyaluronsäure. 100 % reine Hyaluronsäure! Verunreinigungen entfernt, nur 100 % reine Wirkstoffe.
  • Nicht klebende Feuchtigkeitsversorgung durch echte Hyaluronsäure.
  • Duftstofffreie, natürlich gewonnene Farbe. Eine harmlose Formel für Hautsicherheit.
  • Die Formel mit weicher Textur und nicht klebrigem Finish sorgt für eine intensive Feuchtigkeitsversorgung und ein straffendes Erlebnis.
  • Hautreizung und Sicherheit getestet.

Tragen Sie eine mäßige Menge entlang der Hautstruktur auf das Gesicht auf und tupfen Sie es sanft ein, um die Absorption zu unterstützen.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Keri M.C.
Not Sticky, Heavy or Oily!

I absolutely love this product! My daughter turned me on to this and it definitely makes my skin look and feel so much more healthy! I started using it on my husband and he loves it too lol! Thank you so much!

Pimapsorn T.
Very moisturizing and lightweight!

I think I bought my bottle since last year, and I'm only half-way done with it - it will last you a LONG time!! The serum has a water-like consistency and absorbs beautifully into your skin. I pair it with a barrier repair serum and it did amazing things to my skin. This is by far the best hyaluronic serum I've ever used. Not to mention - it's fragrance free and super gentle!

No more dry skin, you should try!

This review is based on six weeks of usage. I have combination skin with dry cheeks and an oily nose. Since the beginning of summer, I noticed that my skin was getting dry in the afternoon when I wore sunscreen. So, in early July, I decided to try this ampoule as a replacement for my morning toner. The ampoule has a watery consistency, but it provides excellent moisture to my skin. A helpful tip I discovered is to apply one drop to each cheek – it doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day!

Highly recommend

I love HA and this doesn’t disappoint. Worth the price. It has a thin consistency and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. It’s wonderful under moisturizer or even alone. My skin feels more supple and plumped.

Yonas B.
This Serum gives dry skin life.

I’m happy with the results I’m noticing after using this Hyaluronic Blue Ampoule Serum. My face looks fresh and alive after applying this serum. I’m a little disappointed that I notice some residue has a sticky feeling. It’s no too bad but would rather not notice anything.