[d'Alba] Vegan Double Serum All in One Multi Balm 10g

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  • The ultimate double serum ratio for wrinkle/brightening/moisturizing treatment. A VEGAN certified stick type multi balm treats your skin with an intense formula for nouishment and wrinkle improvement.
  • 85 ratio of a moisturizing and elasticity care serum and a 15 ratio of a whitening serum in the core provides firm looking glowing skin. Wrinkle improvement + whitening + elasticity care + moisture + radiance + nourishment all done with one stick.
  • The moisturizing/elasticity care serum has vegan certified collagen extract, ceramide, and shea butter that cares for the hydration level and firmness of the skin. The whitening serum has pure vitamin c, glutathione, and white flower complex that brightens the complexion and gives the glow. Together they make a 3-in-1 total treatment for the skin.
  • Not having a sticky feeling at all, the multi-balm glides onto the skin giving it a watery glow. Because of the light-weight formula, it is well used for all seasons. Dalba's signature aromatic, floral, and citrus scent presents a relaxing experience every time.
  • With a compactsize, the multibalm is travel-friendly, great to take with you anywhere to apply whenever you feel dehydrated. Use multiple times on fine lines and wrinkles for nourishment. Can be used on the face, lips, and dry parts of the body. *Hypoallergenic, clinically tested

Apply on area that feels dehydrated.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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One of my favorite skin care products is the D’alba double layered serum, which I use on a regular basis, especially during the dry fall and winter. I was so excited to find a balm stick version of the serum, which is really nice especially in the hot summer when the serum may feel like a little too much. The balm stick is nice because you can moisturize targeted areas. It packs in the moisture where you need it without being overwhelming. I use it around my eyes and on my smile lines. I love the light scent and the consistency of the balm, as well as how it feels on my skin. It’s not sticky or greasy like some products and makes my skin silky smooth. I have very sensitive skin so I’m prone to breakouts if a product is too oily but I had no problem with this serum balm stick. Contrary to what some reviews are saying, I found that it absorbs pretty quickly and makes your skin hydrated just where you want it. Highly recommend!

K. L.

I love that it has vitamin C, collagen and ceramides. My skin obsorbs it fast and it leaves my skin dewy. It does have a slight scent but goes away quickly. I was worried that it might irritate my skin but so far, my skin is loving it. I like to put it under my eyes, frown lines and neck lines. These are my troubled areas where I'm always afraid of creasing due to dryness. Not anymore with this balm!!
I can reapply throughout the day without worrying about spilling and messes! I highly recommend this product. Please keep stocking this balm!!


This is a super convenient moisturizing serum stick that you can carry around with you very easily! The center of the balm is the serum and the white outer portion is the moisturizer. The texture is great – it slides on very smoothly and doesn’t feel too heavy. You don’t need to spread it out afterwards, so roll the stick thoroughly wherever you’re hoping to use it.

I have really dry skin so it’s great to use throughout the day whenever my skin is feeling dry. It does feel moisturizing and I appreciate its convenience a lot. I don’t have to pull out my other moisturizers and dip my fingers in a bottle. Overall, great multi-balm so far, and I’m excited to continue using it!

Easy to use hydration with whitening on the go

I love using a serum stick. It makes the process so much easier. I use this serum stick for touch up hydration on the go. I have had excessive tearing dry out the skin under my eyes and upper cheeks and having this serum stick helps with rehydrating the damaged red skin on an as needed basis. The whitening feature is good as well, as it makes the redness go away so that my complexion is overall much more consistent.


I love this brand of skin care. This stick is very convenient to use on any problem areas I have with concerns regarding wrinkles. I love using it on my neck and eyes. This provides great moisture and help keep my skin smooth. Highly recommended