[mude] True Eyelash Serum 8g

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  • Highly nutritious and hypoallergenic ingredients help manage weak eyelashes strong and clear.
  • Contains highly concentrated peptides : Contains 4 types of Peptides, Panthenol and biotin that enhances elasticity of the eyelashes deeply from the root.
  • Contains patented ingredients : Hypoallergenic patented ingredients and plankton extracts that help strengthen hair roots help maintain healthy eyelashes.
  • pH 7.0 : With 7.0 pH level which is the mean value of tears pH can use safely without causing irritation to eyes.
  • Watery texture : Features lightweight watery texture that helps with quick absorption.
  • True Eyelash Serum is recommended for these people : People who are worried about short and weak eyelashes, People who are worried about weak eyelashes/eyebrows from curticle damage, People who are worried about thin eyebrows/hairline

Use True Eyelash Serum wherever you want to strengthen hair roots.
1. Apply to the upper lashes using a brush.
2. Apply to the lower lashes using a round tip.
3. Apply according to the texture of the eyebrows.

Each person may have different effects.
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