[SOME BY MI] Retinol Intense Reactivating Serum 30ml

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Completed test of 4 major aging signal care
Completed test non-comedogenic
Completed test sensitive skin hypoallergenic
20-Free no chemicals

  • Retinol Intense Reactivating Serum can intensively care for the 4 major aging signals without irritation even for sensitive skin with retinol ingredients.
  • Re:activating Cleanical Solution
  • 3-Active Retinol Combination : Retinol 0.1 % + Retinal 1 ppm + Bakuchiol 5,000 ppm. A 3-Active Retinol Combination that improves skin wrinkles without irritation.
  • Elastic-liposome : Maximizes skin penetration. It penetrates the skin through elastic transformation and delivers active ingredients.
  • Strengthens skin barrier : Panthenol 10,000 ppm + Beta-glucan 300 ppm + Ceramide + TRUECICA™. It protects the skin from external irritation and minimizes skin moisture loss.

  • 1-2 weeks : Please use once a day in a small amount only in the evening(for ultra-sensitive skin, use every other day). Please use it with sufficient moisturizing care.
  • After 3 weeks : If your skin adapts well to the product and there is no discomfort, you can apply it by increasing the number of times and usage.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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ahmed B.a.

Très bon sérum anti-âge ! Depuis que je l'utilise ma peau est plus douce et plus jolie. J'ai la peau sensible et j'ai aussi une rosacée, ce soin est beaucoup plus doux qu'un soin au rétinol classique. Ma peau le tolère parfaitement bien ! Très satisfaite après un mois et demi d'utilisation, j'attends de voir ses effets sur le plus long terme.

Jiang L.

I've been looking for retinol the past months, that has lower percentage since Im a beginner to this. The effectiveness is a *chef kiss. No breakouts and irritation at all, and it feels so smooth. The texture in my skin due to wearing face mask actually disappear. I would really love to buy again if I finish this bottle.

Renate K.

Skin looks a lot brighter and and younger. Will keep using!

Natalia S.

Whoot! Whoot! Another product of "some by me" for me to try. No irritation on my first three nights, I used it every other night on my first week and this week I'm going to use it every night. Claiming the result for it is some by me's product. I've already tried their Calming toner and the Snail toner and serum I can say that they know their assignment 👍👍👍. Well done💖


I am so happy everything is intact, the boxes have no dents and I have freebies! Ha ha ha ha ha
Thank you so much.