[AROMATICA] Organic Neroli Brightening Facial Oil 30ml

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An organic facial oil to improve dull skin
Vegan │ Cruelty free

A facial oil that gets back your most beautiful skin glow and finds skin’s unique light to brighten naturally even plain, bare face. Precious Neroli essential oil, only 700 g of which can be obtained from 1,000 kg of Bitter orange flowers, clearly brightens skin while suppressing the synthesis of melanin and alleviating pigmentation together with plant brightening ingredient Alpha-bisabolol. Jojoba oil - which is quickly absorbed with its excellent skin affinity - and Rose essential oil, which provides vitality, are blended together to be absorbed quickly into skin without leaving any residue. They form a non-sticky oil moisture barrier to add moisture to dry skin. Brightening effect of Neroli oil for clear-looking skin. Experience skincare that also lifts your mood with Neroli oil packed with flowery fragrance.

Warm 1-2 drops of organic Neroli oil in clean palms and gently press onto face, allowing it to fully absorb into the skin. For best results, mix a few drop of the oil with less oily lotion or cream to give your skin an extra boost of moisture.

Each person may have different effects.
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