[ISNTREE] Onion Newpair Gel Cream 50ml

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#In-two-week Cream - If you're concerned with acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Skin soothing and hydration #In-two-week treats blemishes and spots of it at a time.

- 71% Muan red onion extract : Rich nutrition of Muan red onion grown in red clay, rich in minerals and germanium, cares for blemishes.
- Hypoallergenic soothing formula 60,000ppm of NoSCalm Complex : Smoothly soothes sensitive skin irritated by environmental factors.
- Tranexamic Acid + Vitamin C derivative Synergistic Effect : It helps care and prevent dark spots caused by pigmentation.
- Moisturizing effects with 3-Layer hyaluronic acid : Contains hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight for time-differential moisture that penetrates slowly.
- Rich nutrition of Muan red onion : Red onion extract provides a non-sticky finish with light ointment gel in a light-purple without artificial coloring.

At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount, gently spread over the entire face and absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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