[TOCOBO] Cotton Soft Sun Stick SPF 50+ PA++++ 19g

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Soft as silk, Soft touch formula : Micro-sized porous powder - It absorbs sebum and oil. Adheres thinly and transparently like a primer!

Anytime, Anywhere Easily, Safe UV protection : Portable size stick type for easy storage. You can easily reapply it anytime, anywhere without touching it.

SPF 50+ PA++++ Powerful Index! Safe UV protection for long outdoor activities : Strong UV protection with the highest index. It strongly blocks UV A/B and is suitable for outdoor activities. Safe to use.

At the last stage of skin care, apply lightly on area exposed to sun. Carry it around and apply frequently that need sun protection.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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First time using it, will try on neck first as there is fragrance so might be irritating to sensitive skin but the reviews have been great so will definitely try

Soster A.
It’s easy to apply

It’s smooth and feels powdery. It’s not greasy at all and it’s so easy to apply. It has a soft pleasant smell. Small and portable

Perfect for my need!

I needed a sunblock that I can use time to time in the office without having to wash my hands every time I apply it. This is perfect for my need! This sunblock glides on my skin, and I don’t have to retouch & spread it with my hands. It is wide enough that it’s convenient to apply sunblock on my face, yet small enough to fit in my pouch. It also does not clog my pore, and this is important to me since I have acne-prone skin. I love this!

Tetiana A.
I absolutely LOVE this stick

I LOVE it. Not oily, protects you from the sun and its on a stick. Whats more to love than that.

Love the way it applies to my skin, cottony soft!!!

🥰😻😻 i like the subtle scent as well, not overpowering! Totally love it! 🤗😍😍😍