[3CE] Soft Matte Lipstick (25 Colors) 3.5g

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  • SOFT TOUCHING: Applying silicone elastomer powder creates a smooth color and leaves a light and soft finish.

  • HIGH PIGMENT: Contains a large amount of color pigment, allowing lip makeup that stands out clearly with a single touch.

  • LONG LASTING: The SEMI-SOLID complex and delicate particles adhere thinly when applying lip color and last for a long time.

#WAY BACK: Nudy pink beige as if it were my lips
#HAZY ROSE: Sweetly colored mid-tone rose
#CHILL MOVE: Chillingly fatal motte tone deep rose
#ORANGE BREEZE: Brick orange that dominates the atmosphere
#SOFT MELLOW: A drop of bright orange in coral
#WARMISH MOVE: Cherry burgundy with a cool temperature you’ve never seen before
#ANOTHER WISH: Dreamy mauve that looks like another wish color
#BREEZY PINK: Adorable sweet pink for bright and cheerful moments
#PALE POSY: The pale nude pose I pictured in my imagination.
#MURMURING: Cozy daily nude pink
#FOCUS ON ME: Coral red that gives mature vitality
#SMOKE PINK: Sweet but mellow smoke pink
#AZURE PINK: Bright pink that reflects blue light and becomes clear.
#COLD SPACE: Cherry burgundy with a cold temperature that you have never seen before
#KIND& LOVE: Flexible and lovely peach beige
#RED MUSE: Cool and sophisticated modern red
#HOLY CHIC: Dramatic romantic red
#SPEAK TO ME: Attractive deep, dark rosy plum
#WARMING WAER: Orange beige with a warm vibe
#OVER IT: Vintage orange with a casual look
#SENSUAL BREEZE: Muted burgundy that becomes more vivid in comfort
#UNSTAINED RED: Unstoppable clear red
#ETERNAL WARM: Cozy caramel brick
#BETTER MOOD: A youthful pink red with a refreshing mood that becomes clearer the more you add it.
#FLUFFY LOVE: Mild peach orange like a warm spring breeze

Take an appropriate amount and spread gently.

Each person may have different effects.
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