[AHC] Safe On Mild Sun Cushion SPF 50+ PA ++++ 25g

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Contains 50% Centella asiatica essence! Comfortable sun care with a cooling & soothing solution : Contains a whopping 50% of Centella asiatica essence, which is excellent for soothing the skin. A cooling effect that lowers the skin temperature!

Strong skin protection from infrared rays and ultrafine dust : The patented tight shield method blocks UV rays thoroughly.

No worries even for sensitive skin! Non-nano-inorganic sunscreen formula with less skin irritation : Forms a physical barrier on the skin surface to reflect UV rays, so UV-blocking ingredients are not absorbed into the skin, resulting in less skin irritation.

Available for the whole family! 5 types of dermatological tests completed.

Faster and more convenient sun care with a big size : A big size of 10cm in diameter, good for use on large areas!

With rich moisture, the moisture lasts for a long time, and it adheres to the skin softly and thinly, enabling natural skin expression. Non-sticky, lightweight and comfortable to use all day long.

1. Before you go out, take a proper amount of the contents with the built-in puff and apply it on areas that need UV protection.
2. Apply it frequently to all areas that require UV protection while carrying it.

Each person may have different effects.
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i love the product wish to buy more soon