[Anua] Heartleaf 77 Clear Pad 160ml 70EA

$29.90 $60.00

  • Hypoallergenic dead skin care is possible if you have our Heartleaf 77 Clear Pad. Thanks to PHA, you may now experience slow yet non-irriatble dead skin care. It would provide moisturizing effect as well.
  • It has 2 different sides. One is plain and the other is perforated. Use perforated side to remove skin waste and use plain side to use this pad as a skin pack.
  • Instead of water, we filled 77% of this pad with Heartleaf Extract. This would work as your daily toner pad.
  • We used one of our patented ingredients called “Anti-Sebum P” that reduces sebum secretion and minimizes pore.
  • To provide mild and hypoallergenic skincare, we balanced out pH level of this pad to low acidity. pH 4-5 is similar to that of healthy skin and maintains oil-moisture balance.

After washing your face, use it in the first step of skincare. Wipe the entire face except for the eyes and mouth with the embossing side, and refine the skin texture by wiping it once more to the other side of the pad.

Each person may have different effects.
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