[Apieu] Honey & Milk Lip Oil 5g

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  • Honey and milk protein extract form a moisture barrier on lips to keep them smooth, firm and luscious.
  • Lip oil infused with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, including honey and milk to promote supple and resilient lips
  • Locks in moisture and deeply hydrates lips for a long-lasting plump and glossy look!
  • Carries a faint milk scent to lift your mood
  • Great to use alone to make lips look naturally soft, or to top off lip tint for a glossy effect

Gently apply a layer on lips with the curved applicator.
Reapply on troubled areas by tapping with the tip of the applicator.
Alternatively, apply after lip tint.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Love this, will buy more!

Very hydrating and smells so sweet!

Holy Grail Lip Treatment

Usually lip oils wear off very quickly or have an odd taste, but it’s not the case with this type. It’s very thick, glossy and emollient feeling, but not at all sticky. The scent is mildly creamy and sweet, as is the taste. It takes a very long time to wear off of my lips and leaves them feeling soft and hydrated.

Katie D.
Luxurious lip oil

This little tube is pure heaven for lips. So moisturizing, stays on forever.

Super thick glossy feel

It’s very thick (may take some getting used to ad it’s sticky) so it’s nice as a stand alone gloss or on top of lipglosses. They small is faint but sweet.

Moisturizing but sticky

If you wanna THICK lip mask to sleep in, then this is it. This is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. It moisturizes well and stays on your lips. Keep in mind this is sticky and will stick to your hair.