[AROMATICA] Rosemary Root Enhancer (Scalp Tonic) 100ml

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Root enhancement · Scalp vitamin · Soothing · Silicone-free

  • Our root enhancer is direct-to-scalp spray that promotes a heatlhier scalp. It's non-greasy and airy texture makes it easy for repeated application. Formulated with ingredients of essential oil blending, seven vitamins, six black food supply concentrated nutrition that nourished your hair root.

Shake before use. Closely attach the spray tip to scalp to evenly spray over the entire scalp or troubled scalp areas. Rub the product slowly from the back of the neck to crown with five fingers as the product slowly sinks into the scalp.
* It is recommended to use when the temperature of the scalp is high.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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B. C.

This product really works on hair growth. I stopped using it for a month and noticed my hair started shedding again. Would recommend

Roshni J.

I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of hair fall lately and am scared of going bald. However, I came across a mist/serum that has a non-greasy and non-sticky formula. It has a watery consistency and provides a cooling sensation when applied. I have seen good results so far and this is my second bottle of the product.




My new favorite product! I have a perm burn on the top of my head from a few months ago so I hope to use this to promote hair growth. I also have thin hair so spraying this helps give my hair texture without feeling oily or too dry. This product reminds me of bumble and bumble invisible oil which I love but is expensive.

The smell is amazing and I use it after showering. I dry my a hair a little but apply while it’s still a little wet. I section my hair into 3 horizontally and spray two times in each section. It has a minty feeling once you apply it to your scalp, I’m guessing this is to help blood circulation on your scalp. To get the most out of this product, I’ll massage my scalp with my finger tips.


I LOVE THIS! It’s so nice and cooling and refreshing! It gives almost like a minty feel, idk how to explain but it’s amazing! My hair doesn’t get as oily so quickly and less hair is falling out when I shower