[AXIS-Y] Daily Purifying Treatment Toner 200ml

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  • Clears out bacteria and pollution stuck deep in pores that cause persistent inflammation and acne. Nutrients from our natural ingredients then soothe skin and promote healing.
  • Daily Purifying Treatment Toner contains 0.5% salicylic acid which can break through layers of sebum and dead skin to treat the skin from deep within for a clearer and healthier complexion.

STEP 1 : Apply to cotton pad after cleansing.
STEP 2 : Gently wipe the cotton pad soaked in toner over face while avoiding the area close to your eyes and areas with irritation.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Valerie D.

This is a GAME CHANGER toner! I just LOVE the light fragment scent, it’s so heavenly. I use this toner every morning and night. I had really bad acne on my cheeks and within 1 week of using this toner, I started seeing results - my acne starting to disappear. Along with helping out my acne, this toner hasn’t caused any irritation or breakout which is AWESOME and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and clean with a glow. This toner has changed my life and I would NEVER go a day without it. I highly recommend this to those with dry skin. Great product!

Jakub S.

Second time buying from the seller. Thanks for the free gift 😊