[BE THE SKIN] BHA+ Pore Zero Toner 150ml

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It is a toner formulated with a high content of 85% of naturally derived Willow BHA™, which quickly calms irritated skin and absorbs freshly and softly, so it is a mild keratin toner suitable for daily use. In addition, it is a toner that deeply cleans the wastes and dead skin cells in the deep pores that are difficult to wash off with only cleansing.

  • This toner can softly exfoliate your skin and smooth the skin texture.
  • Helps to calm blemishes caused by irritation.
  • Controls sebum and clarifies pores.
  • Free of chemical fragrances.

Apply toner on your hand, gently wipe along the skin texture, and let it absorb lightly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Works wonderful

Let me just say, I have very sensitive skin and I did not break out with this. The scent was not over powering and I felt like my skin felt moisturized as well. Will order again.

Physics G.
Gentle and effective

I'm at that delightful age where I'm starting to get fine lines while still dealing with acne breakouts, and I am a big fan of what this toner does for my combination skin. It is super gentle, with zero stinging, dryness, or irritation, and is totally unscented. I've seen a decrease in blemishes, and my pores look great.

Refreshing Feel, Good for Oily Skin

I ordered this to help with my oily skin. I'm older and thought my skin would have become less oily as I aged, but, it's still oily and I continue to break out sometimes. This product does a good job of cutting down on the oiliness without overly drying my skin.

I used it for several days and enjoyed it; until mysteriously disappeared. I found it a few days later, having magically materialized in my daughter's bathroom. Turns out she's been using it for the last week and really likes it as well, so I'm going to count that as two positive votes.

Overall, it's a nice toner that gives a refreshing feel to my facial skin, at a good price.

Great toner

This toner is wonderful. It isn’t too drying and is actually a bit hydrating. It is good quality and has helped clear some of my acne since using it for two weeks. It is suitable to sensitive skin and I’m very happy with the results.

Good toner

This toner works well. It's basic toner and I can't really say it's much different than other toners that I've used. It's good though.