[Beauty of Joseon] Hanbang Serum Discovery Kit 10ml*4EA

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The 'Hanbang discovery kit' was created for those who want to find out which of the four BOJ serums is best for their skin.

This is a 10ml mini size set with 4 types of serums so that you can choose to use or layer them according to your skin type or skin issues. Experience a wonderful journey to find the right product for you before taking the plunge on a full-size bottle!

  • Calming Serum : This product is designed to improve easily irritated and sensitive skin. Panthenol forms a moisture film on the skin surface to protect it from external stimuli.
  • Glow Deep Serum : This product is made for skin with pigmentation. It helps equalize the skin tone and help keep dry skin moist. Prevent excessive production of melanin and help prevent pigmentation.
  • Glow Serum : This product is designed to improve skin with skin problems. Reduces skin troubles by balancing oil and moisture. Helps remove sebum in pores.
  • Revive Serum : This product is made for skin that has pigmentation and low elasticity. It has been formulated to help improve wrinkles and repair damaged skin by combining 3% of snail mucus filtrate that can create the most synergy with ginseng, an oriental herbal ingredient, well-known for its effectiveness

Apply 2-3 drops of serum onto the skin and pat gently to help absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Lisa U.B.
Love it!

Great set to test out the different serums. I love them all, it’s hard to decide which one is the best one for me. I might have to get them all! I live in Norway and the delivery went fast and smoothly.

Love this trial set

This is the perfect way to try each serum before investing in the larger size and they are great for travel too


Great trial size to see what your skin likes and doesnt. I wish there was a little bit more info on mixing one or two serums together. So far so good! I am a little concern about the snail mucin and the link with dustmite allergies but will just patch taste and try!

Esme P.
Amazing kit

This was such a great starter kit!! I saw improvements on my skin so fast!! I’ve recently got my husband to start wearing sun screen & he loves the Matte stick sunscreen 10/10

Rae B.

I actually loved each one of the serums. They all had great benefit. Each one made my skin feel subtly refreshed and youthful looking.