[BENTON] Honest Eye Lash Serum 10ml

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Daily eyelash serum for healthier lashes. Easy yet powerful daily care routine for short and thin lashes.

✓ Don't worry about irritated eyes, our special recipe for safe self-care. : Honest Line is a product line composed of products made with reliable and healthy ingredients.
✓ Dual brush for effective usage and application.
✓ Watery serum type with peptide and amino acids.

✓ For all skin types.
✓ A handy lash bar to get my lashes elastic.
✓ For thin and damaged eye lashes after lash perm or lash extensions
✓ Dual brushes: ball-tip brush for short lashes and applying hair root part. & Screw brush for applying between lashes.
✓ Less irritation : low pH acid.

1. After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount of contents to the brush.
2. Brush your eye lashes with the screw brush.
3. Apply it on the short lashes or under lases with the ball-tip brush.

✓ Tip!
1. The growth cycle of eyelashes is 4-6 weeks, so use it continuously for more than a month.
2. Due to the product's formula, clean up the area around your eyes before using it so that there is no cross-contamination.
3. Put on makeup after eyelash serum is fully absorbed and gets dry.
4. It could also be used for thin eyebrow and the hairline.

Each person may have different effects.
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Thank u seller for the fast delivery and free samples. I cant wait to try the eyelash serum, hopefully it can help to make my lashes healthy and strengthen them. Will be back for more review after trying them.


Love this product!


Pack well with double bubble wrap. Thanks seller for the free gift . Will order again if work well on my lashes


excited to try this, saw a good review from a Korean beauty vlogger. comes with great packaging, it's eco friendly too. box is made from sugar cane paper and soy ink.