[beplain] CICATEROL Moisturizer 60ml

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Introducing the new Cicaterol Moisturizer from our Cicaterol Line -
An Intensive Soothing Moisturizer that cares for skin problems with Phytosterol derived from Centella Asiatica in beplain’s proprietary Cica ingredient.

What is CICATEROL? 'CICA + Phytosterol' As a core soothing ingredient extracted from phytosterol (provitamin D-like ingredient) from CICA, beplain was applied to cosmetics for the first time in Korea.

1. Use it as after Toner & Ampoule
2. Apply an adequate amount evenly to your skin twice a day in the morning and night

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Non-sticky gel-type moisturizer

I bought the entire set of Cicaterol products in order to manage my acne-prone skin. After washing my face well, I use the spot treatment first, and then ampoule and moisturizer. The moisturizer is light and non-sticky which is a big plus when I let my hair down. It's moisturizing and soothing. Really recommend this product!

My go-to moisturizer

It’s very lightweight, yet moisturizing enough to keep all areas of my skin at optimal condition. And it does not irritate or cause discomfort on areas with breakouts as well.

I also got an ampoule and a spot treatment in the same line, and this is my favorite among all.
It pairs really well with the rest of the products in the collection, too.

Definitely a must buy :)

My everyday moisturizer

I am from Korea and I have used so many cosmetics from my country. After moving to United States, I found a good local moisturizer but it is a bit heavy to use in the morning before doing make up. I tried to find a not heavy and reliable moisturizer for my daily routine and this product is perfect for me! It is soothing, very mild, good amount of moisturizer and it is not heavy at all. Also this one absorbs quickly so I don’t have to wait a long time to do make up. It is easy to apply, not sticky at all so it is very simple to use it on your skin. If you are trying to find a light, simple to apply and non-oily product, I highly recommend this product. I will definitely try their other products in the future.


Really great product for my skin

Alexandra K.

i love this product so much, i enjoy using it very well.