[celimax] Derma Nature Fresh Blackhead Jojoba Cleansing Oil 150ml

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Perfectly Removes Heavy Make-ups
Its Water-soluble Formula Rinses Thoroughly and Leave Freshness
6 Natural Ingredients Dissolves Blackheads and Excessive Sebum Throughout Daily Use
As known as ‘Headshot Oil’ Due to its Blackhead Removing Feature
Won't say it would dramatically remove all your Blackheads in once. But weeks of continuous usage would remove even Old Blackheads

1. Pump the oil 3~4 times on your dry hand.
2. Gently massage 1 to 2 minutes on where you want to dissolve the makeup or blackheads. (or gently use tips of fingernails for visible blackhead)
3. Rinse with water thoroughly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Great product!

I really enjoy this product for removing my makeup. The smell is a bit strong for me but it’s tolerable for the short time it’s on my skin. When you are ready for makeup removal just put a small amount on your skin, give it a few minutes, then I use my makeup wash cloth to rinse my face off. Works perfect. After that I use a mild face soap to cleanse my face!

Julio b.f.n.
Excelente limpiador ♥♥

Es mi segunda compra de este producto! la primera vez pensé que sería malo para mi piel, pues la tengo grasa, pero estaba completamente equivocada, quita facilmente el maquillaje waterproof, cuando lo enjuagas con agua, magicamente se limpia! no entiendo la ciencia detrás, pero me impresiona que un aceite salga con agua, deja muy linda la piel, me ayuda a mantener mi nariz más limpia, sin esos puntitos negros. Venía bien en su empaque y sin sorpresas.

Min H.S.

This product is amazing to melt blackheads on my face. I've been looking for a product which can melt the blackheads without any skin stimulation since my skin is sensitive. This product is perfect for that. I've been using this for 2 weeks, I could see blackheads are almost gone even though I did not squeeze any of them. It also removes my make up pretty well. I've used a similar product from Japan and this product has a much better scent and price. I'd buy this again next time.


Fast delivery and received in good condition. Good product, not very oily


Looks like a lightweight oil which is what I prefer in cleansing oils. Thank you for the free sheet mask, thank goodness it's meant for sensitive skin🙂