[celimax] The Real Noni Energy Repair Cream 50ml

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  • 55% superfood Noni Extract helps to effectively soothe irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Ceramide & natural moisturizing ingredients protect the skin's moisture barrier.
  • Active ingredient Adenosine helps to improve fine wrinkles & skin elasticity.
  • Clinically proven calming & moisturizing effect
  • Safe ingredients - suitable for sensitive skin. Free of artificial fragrances & colorants.

1. After cleansing, squeeze out a pea-sized amount of face cream.
2. Apply a layer on the face.
3. Blend the face cream in using your fingers.
4. Gently massage the cream into your skin using small, upward, circular motions.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Scarlet B.

celimax's The Real Noni Energy Repair Cream is a gem for my skin. With 55% Noni Extract, it's like a superfood feast for my face, especially when it's feeling irritated and sensitive. This cream is no joke – it's here to rescue and soothe.

What's in the mix? Ceramide and natural moisturizing buddies. They form a protective squad around my skin, ensuring that moisture stays put. And then there's Adenosine, a superhero in the skincare world. It tackles fine wrinkles and helps my skin bounce back with elasticity.

The proof is in the pudding – clinically proven to calm and moisturize. It's not just a claim; it's a fact. This cream is like a comforting hug for my skin, and the moisture boost is undeniable.

Now, let's talk about what's not in it – artificial fragrances and colorants. That's right, it keeps things simple and safe. Perfect for my sensitive skin – no unnecessary extras, just the good stuff.

How to use it? Easy peasy. After cleansing, a pea-sized amount is all it takes. Spread it across the face, blend it in with your fingers, and then comes the best part – a gentle massage. Small circles, moving upward, giving my skin the attention it deserves.

Why do I love it? Because it's effective without being complicated. It's the kind of cream you can trust with your skin. The Noni Extract feels like a natural remedy, and the whole routine is a self-care moment. No frills, just results.

In a world full of skincare options, The Real Noni Energy Repair Cream stands out. It's not about flashy promises; it's about delivering what my skin needs – calmness, moisture, and care. If you're looking for a straightforward solution for sensitive skin, this cream is a no-brainer.

Noor W.
The Real Noni Energy Repair Cream

It is a very good and moisturizing cream. Protects and heals the skin barrier. It has a non-greasy consistency but is absorbed quite quickly into the skin. It feels so light and smooth, very hydrating, good for night & wintertime, better for combination/dry skin. It's so soothing and nourishing during the colder months, and even though it's a thick cream, it doesn't break me out. It has everything your skin needs, the packaging is decent. It's just a really great product.
It also absorbs fast and helped reduce redness and irritation. It really helped heal my skin barrier after a therapy I had.
I'd say it's suitable for all skin types since it's so gentle and moisturising without getting oily.

Olga K.
Perfect cream with Noni

🌱 Noni Fruit Extract (57%) - powerful antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and soothing properties, anti-photoaging and anti-glycation efficacies.
🌱 Noni Seed Oil - has anti-inflammatory properties, can help to reduce open and closed comedones.
🌱Niacinamide - anti-age, barrier strengthening, fighting pigmentation. % is unknown, unfortunately.
🌱 Hydrogenated Lecithin, Cholesterol, Ceramide Np - strengthen the protective barrier.
🌱Adenosine and Acmella Oleracea Extract (natural "botox-like" ingredient) fight fine lines.
🌱Prebiotics - food for ‘good’ bacteria.
🌱Plant extracts with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, calming properties.

🌱First of all I must that I’m in love with this cream❤️ I have perioral dermatitis that’s why calming and anti-inflammatory effects are very important for me.
🌱 Thanks to Noni this cream has a pronounced calming effect. Redness on my chin is significantly reduced when I use it.
🌱Cream of medium density light green color with the pine scent 🌲 (not a fragrance, probably a Rosemary leaf oil). Not everyone can like this scent but I find it unobtrusive as I don't feel it after applying.
🌱Leaves a velvety non-greasy and non-sticky matte finish after application.
🌱Great moisturizer to follow serums with active ingredients (acids, retinoids).

▫️sensitive with redness, inflammation, damaged skin barrier
▫️oily and combination skin
▫️probably for dry skin too in the warm season

Nasreen A.

This formula offers immediate soothing & surface moisturization as well as barrier support with continued use

With the incredible soothing ability of superfood Noni, the formula provides stronger repairing powers with skin-restoring ingredients

Melts into the skin with a light, smooth texture and leaves a relaxing rosemary scent, this is great if you have dry skin like mine and even better for those who have irritated skin

Negin T.
Lovely winter cream

Contains Noni extract, shea butter and niacinamide. This cream is rich in antioxidants and helps dry skin and supports the skin barrier. It has a light green color, very creamy but still lightweight. Absorbs quickly without stickiness or tackiness and works well under makeup. Overall this is a super pleasant moisturizer and lovely for am use for dry skin. The only thing I would comment on is its strong herbal scent (probably from the rosemary and other herbal ingredients). Reminds me of tiger balm scent. It does disappear but still quite strong in the beginning.