[CELL HAPPY CO] Anti-Hairloss Tonic 120ml

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  • ANTI-HAIR LOSS FUNCTION CERTIFIED : It is an anti-hair loss functional product which is authorized by Korean FDA.
  • NATURAL HERBS USED : It contains 27 naturally-derived herbs, helping the scalp balanced.
  • SCALP HEAT CONTROL : Naturally-derived Peppermint extract helps preventing hair loss by lower the scalp heat.
  • SCALP SCALING : Salicylic Acid (weak acid) cleans the scalp pore. It prevents the scalp pores from being blocked by dead skin cells or oil
  • HEALTHY HAIR ROOT : It strengthens the hair root, provides nutrients to hair which is thinning.
  • "NATURAL AROMA” REPLACING ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE : Natural aroma, especially Rosemary, replaces artificial fragrance. The natural scent will help improve your concentration, blood circulation and relieve stress.

Simply spray it onto the scalp everyday before sleep. Do not need to wash it off. The herbal ingredients will remove dead skin cells and excessive oil on your scalp.

Each person may have different effects.
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