[Cell Fusion C] Derma Relief Sunscreen 100 SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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Mild moisturizing for delicate skin. Safe Inorganic Tea Sun Cream for the Whole Family

1. Zinc 100% mild inorganic sunscreen : Contains 100% zinc oxide, which reduces the burden on the skin, gently and safely blocks UAV/UVB.

2. Safe sunscreen for the whole family : The moisturizing care of calendula extract and DPG, a sensitive care ingredient, makes the skin irritated by UV light comfortable.

3. Soft application & tight texture : With the silky and soft'emboss blur powder' application technology, CellFusion C's unique firm skin texture is felt.

Safe inorganic sunscreen that can be used safely even with delicate skin

Apply lightly at the last step of skin care or 30 minutes before going out.
It is good to apply it on the forehead, nose, etc. that are easily exposed to UV rays.
If you reapply during outdoor activities, you can more effectively block UV rays.

Each person may have different effects.
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