[Cell Fusion C] Stick Sunscreen 100 SPF 50+ PA++++ 19g

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Cool when applying, smooth finish
Sun stick that is good to reapply

1. Sun stick soothing irritated skin : A cooling mechanism that releases heat from the skin calms the skin heated by UV rays.

2. Sun stick containing 20% ​​moisture : It contains refreshing arctic iceberg water/birch sap/deep sea water to replenish moisture when applied, and finish smoothly.

3. Safe Sun Stick Excluding Harmful Ingredients : It is a sun stick made of good ingredients so that even children can use it and gently works on the skin.

Aqua Matrix System : Technology that stabilizes the moisture in the stick. When applied to the skin, it spreads together as if it bursts, so you can feel the coolie feeling through the heat of vaporization that evaporates along with the skin's heat.

Apply evenly to the entire face at the finishing stage of skin care. (It is good to apply it frequently on areas that need UV protection while carrying.)

Each person may have different effects.
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