[CHICHO] Dandelion Radiance Serum Pads 210g 90EA

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  • Safe to use even for sensitive skin : Weak acid pad, Italian VEGAN certification, skin irritation response of 0.00, irritation test for sensitive skin completed, 9 kinds of skin care ingredients free
  • Soft and comfortable vegan certified natural sheet : This sheet with a special method holds serum 20 times the weight of the fabric for long-lasting moist care. The 80mm jumbo size pad is super close to the skin.
  • Western Dandelion Leaf Extract 80.2% : Helps to build a healthy skin ecosystem and restores the skin's natural healthy glow.
  • Moist milky white serum that is not sticky and absorbs quickly.

  • For radiant skin : After washing your face, use it at the first step of skin care instead of toner. After arranging the skin texture on the entire face, place it on dry, troubled areas for 5-10 minutes to intensively supply moisture. Lightly pat the serum remaining on the skin for absorption.
  • Make-up boosting pack : Before makeup, put one on each forehead and cheeks and leave it on for about 3 minutes, then peel it off to quickly tidy up your skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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This has basically replaced my skincare routine! Simple, convenient and easy to use, and leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated