[COSNORI] Long Active Eyelash Serum 9g

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  • No sore Eyes! Daily eyelash care : Same pH level as tears, the eyes are free from any soreness. Skin hypoallergenic test completed. Water base serum without oil, dailycare is available even after eyelash procedure.
  • Water base serum without oil : Light texture that can be used without worrying after eyelash extension and is quickly absorbed by water-like.
  • Definite High-enriched Serum : Tha patented peptide and hyaluronic acid components give elasticity and healthy glow, strong and rich eyelashes.
  • Peptide patent : The skin-friendly raw material peptide adds healthy gloss to the brow hair and gives elasticity by makin it strong and rich. / Hyaluronic Acid : Soft, Jelly-style hyaluronic acid make your eyelashes moisturized for a lon time and snourished. / Centella Asiatica Extract : Providing moisture and nutrition to eyelashes, it makes lashes look healthier than ever.
  • Easy to use with dual-brush : Special design optimized for easy-to use with a C-curl brush and ball tip, it can deliver nutrients more effectively between the eyelashes and the hair roots.

1. Using a round ball tip, apply a small amount of content meticulously lower lashes, eyebrow lines and between eyelash roots.
2. Use the C-curl screw brush to sweep the each strand of eyelashes up from the roots to the end.
(Since the growth cycle of eyelashes is about seven to eight weeks, We recommended to use the serum regularly for at least a month.)

Tip :
1. Use this serum for essence before applying mascara.
2. It supplies nutrients and moisture to eyelashes damaged by perm and extension.
3. Use to care empty areas of eyebrows and hairline.

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Customer Reviews

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my eyelashes pop!

The serum helps lengthen my eye lashes....and moisturizes them.

buy it!!!!

my eyelashes are so grown and i also use it for my brows, it helps stick it and brush it and grows like actually