[CP-1] Premium Hair Treatment 250ml

$19.50 $33.00

Stronger than treatment and longer than ambles
Extreme solutions for frequent pumps and delicate hairstyles.
Protein, oil, and moisture that make hair healthy work well to balance hair.

[Suggested Use]
Apply to the damaged hair that needs restoration and rinse it after 5-10 minutes.
If the damage is severe, apply it for 10 minutes, or heat it up for even greater effect.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for dry brittle hair

Love adding my this to my hair regimen! I have damaged dry hair and this makes it so much softer when I blow dry. Coats well without any funky smells or stickiness.

Amanda S.
Brings my hair back to life

My poor hair is dry and damaged from bleaching for fun colors. I am constantly on the look out for the best repairing/hydrating conditioner or treatment to help my hair look ok. This is a nice thick mask that feels like it really gets in there. I make sure to get the mask on asap in the shower and leave it on as long as possible. I've even used this with a heated cap to penetrate the hair even deeper. My hair feels so soft and looks so good after I use this. I usually just let it air dry with some leave ins and they all seem to work together well for my hair. My type is a 2a/b.

Best buy

Better than you can imagine!

Michella T.

Questa è una bella maschera per capelli. Non è troppo pesante ma idrata i miei capelli. Ho sicuramente notato meno perdita di capelli quando l'ho usato.