[DASHU] Daily Ultra Holding Scalp Spray 200ml

$24.90 $40.00

A functional hairspray that relives hair loss symptoms. Hair loss prevention + strong setting ability’s new concept hair spray has 9 kinds of mixed plant extracts that maintain the health of the scalp and hair to create healthy styling.

This hair spray does not clog the pores on your scalp but gives a firm hold for your desired hairstyle. It features a mild formula with nourishing ingredients that reduces hair loss.

- Contains hydrolyzed silk and hydrolyzed wheat protein to help fix damaged strands for healthy hair
- Formulated with panthenol, allantoin, and biotin to improve scalp health
- Features naturally derived ingredients such as green tea extract and sophora angustifolia root extract to nourish and protect hair

Spritz a small amount to anywhere you want to give a hold for your desired style.

Each person may have different effects.
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