[DASHU] For Men Premium Original Super Mat Wax 100ml

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The matte type wax makes for a matte chic styling possible. The application was improved to reduce stiffness and the product boasts its exterior with a matte aluminum case.

A Strong Matte Wax Made for those with medium to thick hair.
Gives a great hold for lasting performance throughout the entire day.
Made with argan oil and black bean extract.

Collagen protein. Makeshair cells healthy
Great detergency. The disadvantage of existing wax was detergency; but improved this effect.
Coconut scent. Nowhere to be found in the world except DASHU
Safeingredients. 100% black bean and original extract of argan oil for the first time in the world

Take an appropriate amount of the product in the palm of your hand, rub it, and apply it to your hair to create the desired hairstyle.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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OMG. It's like epoxy, lol, in a good way. A little goes a LONG way. Once you put it on, it soon solidifies in a way and holds your hair like nobody's business. It will laugh at showers. You can't really wash it out without decent shampoo. Again, it's a good thing. Consistency reminds me of axle grease and it looks like wall puddy, but it's clear on your head. I've even slept with it in, wet it, forced a comb through it and put it under a hat for a few minutes, the next morning... held like a champ all day. It's definitely NOT for the faint of heart, but it's a very good mens product.

Hair Wax that does a great job

So far the Dashu product's i have used has been great. I've only got the lip balm and this hair wax and these essential care items been a fine job. I have fairly thin hair and it gets flat pretty easily, even with wax's. This one holds onto the shape of the style I am trying to do. Make sure to apply a thin coat (pinky size amount) of wax on first then put on a bit more to make the shape. Too much will make the hair sticky and you wont be able to style it.

A fantastic hair wax!!

I have tried/used too many hair products to list or count. This wax is special in all of the right ways. It has superb hold that doesn't leave the hair looking greasy or plastered down. The hold is malleable. Finally, it does not have a scent. I think this is an awesome feature. So many hair products smell SO bad. This one does not.

Works great.

Bought it by accident, thought it was for beards. Turns out it's great. Really like it