[Dermatory] Pro Trouble Pore Pad 160ml 60ea

[Dermatory] Pro Trouble Pore Pad 160ml 60ea

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Fewer and Smaller pores!! Less sebum!! Square Pore Pad suitable for use on acne-prone skin
- Contains salicylic acid - Square shape good for wiping every nook and cranny of the skin
- Completed tests on 7-fold pore & sebum improvement
- Completed suitability test for use on acne-prone & sensitive skin
- Free of 20 harmful ingredients

[How to Use]
*After Cleansing :
Gently tidy up the entire face as if wiping it with cotton pads.
Wipe areas that need extra tidying thoroughly, such as the sides of the nose, between the brows, and chin.

*Before Makeup :
Gently wipe in the direction of the skin texture to clean up the sebum and skin texture.

-Each person may have different effects.
-All purchased items from our listings will be shipped from South Korea.