[Dr.Ceuracle] Vegan Active Berry First Essence 150ml

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#Anti-Aging Skincare #Dehydrated #Fine Lines & Wrinkles #Natural Derma
A hydrating first essence formulated with encapsulated resveratrol and upcycled berries to improve elasticity for plump complexion

After cleansing, prep skin with an appropriate amount and massage it for better absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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J. D.
Excellent product

This essence really helps hydrate dry skin. It goes on light and absorbs quickly. It’s a great step before moisturizer. End result is plump and glowing skin.

Love this essence!!!

As soon as I received this essence, I fell in love with the beautiful packaging and colors, and using it felt so good. I have a very dry skin type and even after trying several serums/essences, I still had some dryness, but this one felt light yet provided enough moisture. The amount of product you get for the price is also great, which I really liked. I've trusted Dr. Ceuracle brand for a long time, but this product seems even better. If you have dry skin and don't like sticky textures, I highly recommend trying this product.

It’s a beautiful Essence.

I love this as my first step after washing my face. It’s got a light refreshing scent and it’s added hydration that I need year round. I love it and will always repurchase.

Deborah D.

I really like it because it moisturizes the dry skin after washing the face and allows the next skin care step to be absorbed well.

Jemina W.

I really liked the soft and smooth feel of the application.

It has good moisturizing power, absorbs quickly, and has a refreshing finish, so it's good for all skin types.