[Dr.ForHair] Folligen Treatment 200ml

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3 in 1 treatment that takes care of scalp, hair and volume at once

It relieves symptoms of hair loss and makes hair soft.

Treatment is free from silicone and 10 types of scalp care ingredients, so it can be used on the scalp as well as hair.

The mineral-rich Karlovy Vary thermal waters in Czech Republic help to care for soft and shiny hair.

In order to deeply deliver the scalp strengthening ingredients, we succeeded in putting the three key ingredients in a capsule that is 2500 times smaller than the pores, increasing the scalp delivery power.

[How to use]
After shampooing, apply the appropriate amount and massage into the scalp once a day.

- Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Anisah L.
Will recommend

If U use it like it is directed, It really does work. I feel the difference in my scalp. It's so healthy looking. I use it often. My new go to. The medicated minty feeling feel so good. Especially with a plastic cap over your head.

Alicia C.
Healed a scalp psoriasis flareup!

I randomly purchased this because of an influencer with AMAZING hair. Had no real expectations besides wanting to try another scalp treatment in a desperate attempt to help de-scale my scalp which has been in a total uproar going on 4 months now. I always have flaky scalp but this has really been nuts. I'll scrub it out in the morning and by the afternoon I'll have large scales, just itchy and annoying.
This stuff has COMPLETELY cleared my scalp after JUST ONE USE and my hair looks amazing and silky to boot.
No idea if this will continue but its been going on a week so far of hair washing (been using this as a pre-wash) and my scalp is almost *dare i say it* normal?
Obviously it hasn't made my lifetime of psoriasis just vanish overnight, but my scalp is not inflamed at all, it doesnt itch, and I can probably squeak by skipping a day of hairwashing without it totally freaking out.
Because of all this, I CANT RECOMMEND ENOUGH.

Great for dry scalp!

I got this for my dry scalp. I wash my hair regularly before bed, but around the next afternoon my scalp around the top of my head, for whatever reason, would hurt because of dryness. After trying a bunch of stuff (sprays, serums, other conditioners, etc) This seems to be the only thing that worked. My scalp doesn’t hurt the day after. I apply like a mask for the scalp, leave it on while I shower then rise off at the end. So far so good! And I like the scent, too!