[Dr.Jart+] Ceramidin Cream-Infused Mask 18g*5EA

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Moisturizing cream mask that rapidly recharges moisturizing energy to a depth of 0.5mm into the skin!
- A core moisturizing barrier that perfectly adheres to the dry face and fills it tightly from the inside out.
- Ceramide NP Barrier Comfort Complex™ : Shea butter, Argan oil, spent grain wax
- Rayon : It is a porous fabric with a lot of contents and holds it for a long time, and it adheres to the skin evenly and smoothly.
- PU coating : Coating with PU sheet once more helps to form a moisturizing film and prevents evaporation of active ingredients and prevents smearing

After washing your face, arrange the skin texture with toner, attach the sheet to your face, and remove after 10-20 minutes.

Each person may have different effects.
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