[ETUDE] SoonJung pH 6.5 Whip Cleanser 150ml

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  • NON-IRRITANT WHIPPED CREAM-TEXTURED FACE WASH CLEANSER  with weakly acidic bubbles for moisturizing facial cleansing, decreases the friction with skin, mildly washing off facial skin

  • FIRST STEP OF VEGAN SKINCARE FOR IRRITATED SKIN CRUELTY-FREE, FRAGRANCE-FREE, PARABEN-FREE! Free of animal materials, mineral oil, color additives, synthetic perfume, polyacrylamide, silicone oil, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, PEG surfactant and paraben

  • SKIN BARRIER PROTECTION & SOOTHING CARE: We have investigated in finding the causes of sensitive skin such as dryness and weakening skin barrier to bring out solutions to healthy skin care. Panthensoside, Panthenol+Madecassoside, strengthens skin barrier, soothes dry, irritated skin and protects skin from external stimuli.

  • NON-COMEDOGENIC! HYPO-ALLERGENIC! : Has passed various skin tests to verify its hypo-allergenic formula. Tested on skin to prove that the product does not cause breakouts or make the skin worse. Patch test completed to measure the scale of irritation on skin.

  • LOW pH FORMULA (WEAKLY ACIDIC): SoonJung’s formula helps women and men’s skin to maintain the correct, low pH level. Chemicals with an alkaline pH are detrimental to skin’s protective barrier, making it more prone to dryness and other various external factors. Low pH products calm down, rejuvenate (anti-aging effect) and take care of your sensitive skin

Pump 2~3 times and gently massage onto damp skin. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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My fav cleanser!

This does not have a smell, is great for sensitive skin and my skin has honestly never been better! My esthetician recommended this cleanser to me and it has been a complete game changer. Also inexpensive compared to majority of other cleansers!


I’ve been struggling with my skin lately and this soap along with a couple of other product switches has changed everything! So long as I’m really good about the morning and night washing all my skin problems just go away~ it’s fantastic and I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else again tbh.