[Farmstay] Aloe All-In-One Ampoule 250ml

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No nutrients were spared! My skincare

Aloe is effective for soothing and moisturizing the skin by lowering skin temperature instantly and provides excellent hydration and calming effects, helping to balance oil/moisture without stickiness.
High in quantity, high in concentration! Aloe All In One Ampoule for healthy, beautiful skin

01 Clean and clear skin
A functional cosmetic for clean and clear skin which aloe vera leaf extract and vitamin scrub revitalize the skin, providing the skin with a clean and clear look.

02 Use generously with this family size!
You know ampoules are good for the skin But are you sparing it too much? 250ml of generous size for the face to the body- don’t spare any! Don’t spare to provide full nutrition to your skin!

03 Highly concentrated intensive care
If you’re a busy person who feels dryness in your skin, try our all-in-one ampoule that can replace skin + lotion + essence. Even with a small amount, it forms a dense moisturizing layer, keeping the skin moisturized all day.

Take the appropriate amount off at the end of the basic care. Apply gently according to skin texture. After spreading, gently press it to cover the face for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Este minunat,foarte calitativ,Recomand.sunt foarte multumita este cea mai buna aloee din cate am comandat pana acuma.voi mai comanda.