[Farmstay] Dr-V8 Vitamin Ampoule 250ml

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  • Vitamin capsules that are full of nutrition! Clear and elastic!-  This all-in-one, large-sized, cost-effective ampoule can be used as skin, lotion, and essence by containing vitamins Such as Vitamin C, E, B5 and B3 to bring skin to life. If you want healthy and vibrant skin, Squeeze vitamins directly into the skin. Please fill it up with vitamins.

  • Full of energy! Light up your skin - The vitamins penetrate deep into your skin, creating a clear, vibrant complexion from the inside out. It helps improve the skin condition by relieving skin damage caused by the UV rays and dryness and by promoting the circulation of skin cycles.

  • Fast and non-sticky absorption- A liquid ampoule allows you to cover for a wide area with a small portion. With a light tapping motion of your fingers, the product is absorbed into the skin immediately without stickiness and will help your skin full of vitality.

  • Highly concentrated intensive care- If you’re a busy person who feels dryness in your skin, try our all-in-one ampoule that can replace skin + lotion + essence. Even with a small amount, it forms a dense moisturizing layer, keeping the skin moisturized all day.

1. Take a proper amount of the product using the included spoon.
2. Massage the product on entire face.
3. Gently tap for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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