[hince] Second Skin Hydrating Primer 40ml

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Experience superior base makeup that refines, hydrates, and perfectly primes any imperfect skin.

A water-in-gel-type hydrating primer that refines the skin for a naturally flawless look and ensures skintight application of foundation

1. Moisturizing effect for naturally smooth-looking skin
2. Priming effect for a perfect skin base that ensures lasting, skintight coverage
3. Staying power that holds makeup intact for long hours

Hydrating & Skin Smoothing : Water-in-gel-type primer moisturizes and refines the skin to perfect a soft, naturally smooth-looking skin base.

Makeup boosting effect for enhanced adherence and staying power : Microparticles meticulously prime the skin to enhance makeup adherence and staying power.

Inner Glow & Long Lasting : Plant-derived ingredients help the skin maintain moisture balance to produce a lasting, effortless glow that emanates from under the makeup.

1. Apply after skincare products and before concealer or foundation.
2. Apply a reasonable amount and experience the fast absorption that leaves no residue behind.
3. Blend over the entire face and experience the smooth, enhanced skin texture.

*Questions About Hydrating Primer
1. At which step of the skincare routine do I use the hydrating primer?
- Apply the hydrating primer at the end of your daily skincare routine and as the first step of your makeup rouine. It will work synergistically with any base makeup product to enhance adherence and staying power.
2. How is it different from a pore primer?
- The hydrating primer builds a light moisture barrier to refine the skin surface and boost the effect of the base makeup without adding a thick, pasty layer that clogs the pores.
3. Won't it cake up or slide around?
While it is high in moisture content, the primer is rapidly absorbed without stickiness or residue to provide a smooth makeup base that holds the base makeup in place without caking or sliding around.

Each person may have different effects.
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Steve K.

This primer is so amazing that I can't explain.