[hince] Signature Brow Shaper (5 Colors) 4ml

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  • It's a sheer color brow gel for holding each strand and rich brows.
  • Buildable formula coats hidden brow hairs to build up luscious volume.
  • Non-cakey precise applicator. Delicate and precise application for brows that is easy to control and apply

Strand up the front of the eyebrows and fix the tail by sweeping the eyebrows. If you press it for 5 seconds with the warmth of your fingers, you can increase the grain fixing power.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent brow mascara

Natural Sheer Color Fixing Brow Gel

I use a colored brow mascara every day to cover grays, add volume and keep my brows in place while dtill looking natural. This one from Hince is excellent and has a tiny brush that makes application easy and precise even if you do not have a lot of brow hairs. The color is very comparable to Maybelline's Soft Brown shade. Removes easily with a cleanser or micellar water.


My eyebrows I’m not difficult to manage. So this brown gel works as expected to brush them into place. I still use a brown eye pencil first before applying this gel to set it in place. I avoid touching my eyebrows all day and it seems to last until I wash it off.