[HOLIKA HOLIKA] Cerabarrier Moisture Active Mist 120ml

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  • Instant moisture recharge without any gaps: Microsome technology that stabilizes the oil components in the formulation is applied to deliver enhanced moisturizing power.
  • Cerative's skin barrier solution: Care for a tight, firm barrier with the optimal combination of ceramide and phytosterol.
  • Stable absorption, double-core encapsulation method: Cerative ingredients are encapsulated twice to improve skin absorption with finer particles.
  • What is double-core encapsulation? : Ceramide has the characteristic of being poorly soluble, so it does not dissolve in water or oil and is unstable. Through the double-core encapsulation method, the active ingredient is wrapped and stabilized with phospholipid-type particles, which are one of the skin barrier components, making it easy to absorb without being destroyed. Helps you do it.

Shake lightly before use, spray an appropriate amount at a distance of about 20 cm from the area to be used, and pat to absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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