[I'm from] Fig Scrub Mask 120g

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  • Fig Powder 1.2% : Fig powder is made of a 12 hours of drying and grinding process, which extracts all the rich proteolytic enzyme from the fig without destroying nay effective components.
  • Light but Rich Moisturizing Effect : Brown sugar, known for a long time as the natural moisturizer, delivers light but rich moisturizing effect to skin.
  • Double Peeling Effect : The fig enzyme mildly but effectively breaks down dead skin cells and the brown sugar helps peeling of all impurities and remaining dead skin cells off the skin.
  • Mask Booster : The use of Fig scrub mask to remove dead skin cells and impurities at the first step of skincare boosts the effect of facial mask used afterwards.
  • High density exfoliating mask texture with fine fig powder in brown sugar color. Leaves skin surface clean and smooth having less irritation with exfoliating and moisturizing effect.

Gently massage onto wet face, avoiding eyes areas. Leave the mask on for 5~10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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