[Jumiso] Waterfull Hyaluronic Toner 250ml

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Powered by 5,000ppm of hyaluronic acid and ceramide, this toner penetrates the different layers of skin to provide skin with a chockfull of moisture.

A highly-hydrating toner that is formulated for dehydrated, rough skin with weak water/oil imbalance.
Powered by Waterfull 7-Complex Hyaluronic Acid to provide deep moisturation to different layers of the skin.
Further enriched with ceramide to prevent moisture loss while protecting the skin from external irritants.

  • Perfect for : Dry skin, Dehydrated skin, Water-Oil imbalance, Rough & Flaky skin.
  • Waterfull 7-Complex Hyaluronic Acid : Intensive moisturization, moisture barrier strengthening, Perfect for all skin types.
  • Lock up the moisture with Ceramides : The lack of ceramides is a major cause of water evaporation as ceramide is one of the most important ingredients in the phospholipids. Prevent moisture loss and protect the skin from external irritants with ceramide barrier.

Powered by waterfull 7-Complex Hyaluronic Acid : Hyaluronic acids in small, middle, and high molecules are absorbed into different layers of the skin to moisturize deep inside the skin.
Fragrance-Free, Daily Use
Tip! You can maximize the moisturizing effect when you use Waterfull Hyaluronic Acid Cream together.

After cleansing, dispense the toner into palms and gently press into face and neck until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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