[LAGOM] White Moisture Cream 50ml

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  • RADIANT AND EVEN SKIN TONE : A silky fast-absorbing cream that does not leave a white artificial cast, but helps turn dry and dull skin into clear and transparent, maintaining the skin’s natural youthful radiance.
  • PATENTED INGREDIENT HELPS WIDEN MOISTURE CHANNELS : Lagom’s patented Aqualicia, a peptide derived from the Acacia tree, helps facilitate the Aquaporins, a Nobel Prize-winning discovery known as the water channels in the cell membrane, assisting water molecules to flow deep and to retain moisture in the skin.
  • FIRM AND SUPPLE SKIN HEALTH : Giga White Complex (a combination of 7 eco-friendly herbs) helps clarify dull skin tone and protects it from damaging environmental stresses, while Platol White Complex exhibits brightening and cell proliferation effects, prevents melanin formation and effectively makes the skin firm and supple.
  • MOISTURIZATION BOOST AND PIGMENTATION PREVENTION : 20,000 ppm of Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is a stable brightening substance that hinders pigmentation caused by melanin, despite heat and light. Shea butter, which is rich in fats and vitamins, acts as an outstanding moisturizing agent to facilitate the skin’s moisture retention.
  • LINEAR STRUCTURE POLYMER : Linear structure polymer holds nutrients and moisture adhering to the skin, forms a silky finish layer and makes the skin look healthier with a soft and radiant aspect.

At the last stage of skin care, take a coin-sized amount with the enclosed spatula, and apply evenly over the face. Cover the skin with both hands for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Contenta con la compra

Totalmente recomendada. Muy buena crema.

Está genial!!!

Está genial!!!
Me la recomendó una amiga, tienes sensación de hidratación desde el primer momento!!!,
Una textura súper rica!! Os la recomiendoooo!!



Moisturizing 👍 delicate scent🧡

Love this product! I used the sample first and I really like them. So I ordered more. I use the soap in the morning and the micro foam cleanser at night. After I use them i feel like my skin is smoother than before. (My skin type is dry and combination)and I like most Revive essence toner👍👍👍it makes my skin sliky! I'm going to use White moisture cream for daytime,it lacked moisturizing for my skin type so i ordered Deep moisture cream for night time.i just used it now, I love it! I will order this products next time too! Thanks!

Super for dehydration skin

So good cream!