[LAKA] Soothing Vegan Lip Oil (2 Types) 4.5ml

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  • 100% Vegan Formula : Moisturizing and nourishing optimized for lip skin, as well as adding pleasure to the lip care process with natural color and natural fragrance realized with raw materials.
  • #Calming Purple : Refreshing moisturizing care. For dull, dry lips. It softens and moisturizes rough lips that lose their shine due to dryness. Contains more than 100,000ppm of jojoba seed oil, blueberry extract, eggplant fruit extract, aloe vera flower extract, holy basil leaf extract. Recommended for daily use. Because it is a non-sticky, refreshing formula, it is a useful item for glow makeup that needs to be applied frequently in daily life to maintain moisture and dramatic shine.
  • #Nourishing Yellow : Intensive nutrition care. For rough and weak lips. It takes care of lips that are stressed by environmental damage and heat so that they feel comfortable and soft. Contains more than 100,000ppm of sunflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, baobab seed extract, and holy basil leaf extract. Recommended for night care. Apply it thickly before going to sleep and gently remove the soaked dead skin cells with a wet tissue or towel before washing your face in the morning to get smoother lips.

Apply gently on dry lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Jenny N.

It's perfect for winter, and you can apply it after lipstick to create a glow-like lip look.

jenna m.

The oil has color in the container, but when applied, there is no color at all.
After using lip oil, a lot of dead skin cells are disappeared!

Toyin R.

I bought it together with lip balm and it goes well with it. I bought it because I felt that lip balm alone was not moisturizing enough, but I like it because it does not dry out quickly and has a glossy feel to it.

ailien j.

I have chapped lips all year round, so I'm interested in lip balm or lip care!
I bought it because it said there was a certified vegan lip oil, but if I apply it before bed and go to bed, it feels soft in the morning.

Kayla A.

I have a lot of dead skin on my lips, and I tend to chap it easily, but I bought it because it was recommended by people around me.
I use it every day and I love it. When your lips are dry, take them out and apply them gently to keep them hydrated throughout the day.